Anyone who has already made a successful transition from playing occasionally in a land casino to playing whenever they want in an online casino setting, in the comfort and security of their own home, will more than likely have already discovered its many advantages.

One of the first things that they are bound to notice is that they have all the time in the world to figure out each and game that they want to play, and better still, which are the most worthwhile. Those who need more time to study can even take advantage of the opportunity to join the casino of the choice as a guest, and practice the required skills to find how to get the best value from their bets. It’s an open secret that most online players who want to improve their skill levels maintain both a guest account and real money account. When one wants to practice a new technique, or find out the best way to make certain playing memorable, then they practice on their guest account till they are ready to put their theories into practice for real money. And why not?

By using this method, thinking online gamers will be able to get used to any game that they choose, and also to understand what the best bets in each of them are. As any experienced gambler will tell you, bets can be categorized into different ways such as how safe the bet is, and how high the payout is. There are some bets in an online casino that pay even money, for example black or red in roulette, or odds and evens. Interestingly enough, roulette, despite its slightly staid reputation, also pay out the highest odds you will find in any casino, 35-1 for hitting a single number. The second highest bet you will find is the craps table, 33-1 for hitting either snake eyes (a pair of one’s) or boxcars (a pair of sixes). All of these bets are on a single spin of the wheel or toss of the dice, and in terms of statistics really represent poor value for money.

Players who are looking for good value for money should be looking at bets that pay out around 3-1 on their money, and these can be found both on roulette and craps, by learning how to spread bets, something that can be easily be done when playing online.

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